Defense Architecture Systems


Areas of Expertise


Program Support


DAS program managers and Systems Engineers have collectively managed over $40M in programs to successful conclusions, providing the prime, and client (government) high value solutions.  Time critical and cost sensitive projects are our specialty.


Systems analysis is critical to all phases of complex project implementation. DAS personnel analyze the interaction of hardware, software, procedures, operators and policy in order to allocate requirements into the proper program using a Systems of Systems approach.  


DAS has 50+ years of Test and Evaluation (T&E) experience, including 26 years of CBRNE sensors, both in the laboratory and in the field. Our T&E methods include using Design of Experiments, building customized test chambers, implementing new instrumentation methods, integrating IoT to collect distributed field data and other methods specific to our clients' needs. 


DAS supports multiple primes in Chemical and Biological Detection Equipment focused Milestone A and B programs.  In addition, our expertise in test and evaluation of various CBRNE products has positioned DAS as a leader in technology development and implementation for fielded systems.

Engineering Support

Engineering development

DAS designs customized mechanical and electrical subsystems for commercial, military and space applications capable of streamlining systems integration into operations.  From radiation hardened satellite communications systems to robust integrated chemical sensor packaging for military use, DAS engineers critical solutions meeting operational requirements.


DAS engineers specialize in real-time software development using agile processes to meet the needs of programs through all phases.  Software captures the human intelligence, lessons learned and automation for future users.  Properly run programs must have a method of ‘teaching’ the hardware to adapt to the changing environment, as some requirements cannot be derived years before deployment. Cyber threat mitigation is just one example of such adaptation.

Mechanical/Electrical Design

Using Solidworks and Solidworks Simulation Suite 2017, our engineers are able to rapidly design integrated packages, assess performance with rapid vibration, shock and thermal analysis, and iterate quickly producing the robust operation required for space and military applications.  Teaming with our 3-D design partners, DAS can produce workable prototypes rapidly for user assessment.  Similarly, our electrical engineering team designs in either Orcad or Altium Designer depending on the required speed, original or modified design and overall design compatibility required by our clients.  The close coordination and small group at DAS ensure designs are optimized to our customers needs.


Integration is the most critical competency as it determines whether the Systems of System analysis and all of the Engineering and Science were successful.  Often, the Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) or Limited Deployment phase is where costly obstacles arise. DAS overcomes these obstacles by allocating the fixes (using Systems analysis) to the proper component or subsystem. Using these experiences, DAS prevents obstacles by driving concepts through Solution Analysis.