Defense Architecture Systems

Corporate History

Defense Architecture Systems, Inc.



Founded in 2010, DAS has grown to include a variety of expertise in engineering and systems engineering disciplines. DAS is a Small Business that provides our customers complete systems solutions for defense and civilian focused missions. DAS focuses on the rapid application of advanced technology to emerging challenges.  Activities include prototype development, limited scale technology integration, independent assessment and testing, as well as transition to full-scale production. An agile development team in concert with established partnerships across relevant missions and operational environments ensures success. DAS bridges the gap between research and industry through scientific collaboration in the development of optimized, integrated systems

DAS personnel include skills in the areas of mechanical, electrical and systems engineering;  systems analysis; sensor test and evaluation; mechanical modeling; and software and firmware design. Personnel have advanced degrees in the engineering disciplines (mechanical, materials, electrical, software). In addition, the team incorporates over 30 combined years of small business experience, including successful productization and commercialization of novel technologies. Key to our client's success is our ability to understand technologies, perform systems integration analysis, optimize system costs, and maintain flexibility while ensuring a viable, implementable architecture.

With a focus on installation, operation, and maintenance, DAS is committed to providing customized, fully-integrated solutions leveraging best-of-breed technologies tailored to our customers' operational missions.