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Defense Architecture Systems, Inc.


Integrated Solutions for Actionable Information

Defense Architecture Systems, Inc. (DAS) is a Small Business that provides our customers complete systems solutions for defense and civilian focused missions. DAS focuses on the rapid application of advanced technology to emerging challenges.  Activities include prototype development, limited scale technology integration, independent assessment and testing, as well as transition to full-scale production. An agile development team in concert with established partnerships across relevant missions and operational environments ensures success. DAS bridges the gap between research and industry through scientific collaboration in the development of optimized, integrated systems.

With a focus on installation, operation, and maintenance, DAS is committed to providing customized, fully-integrated solutions leveraging best-of-breed technologies tailored to our customers' operational missions.

Filling the gap between development and full scale production, DAS takes ownership of technology transfer to commercial and government products.


Expertise in the areas of systems integration, electrical, mechanical, and software (embedded programming, mission critical systems and situational awareness tools) provide DAS the basis for success within multiple technology areas to meet budget, operations, and the desired capabilities of its clients.

tailored systems

From fieldable sensors for Civilian or DoD applications to technologies supporting space and undersea mission sets, DAS implements high valued solutions.


DAS focuses on integrated solutions that provide a layered approach based on risk assessment, gap identification, and cost benefit analysis. We provide incremental solutions capable of adapting to dynamic military and commercial environments.



DAS implements best-of-breed hardware and software technologies in integrated systems using Modular Open Systems Architectures design to ensure robust, adaptable, and enterprise-focused solutions. DAS leverages high value commercial products and cutting edge research from universities and national laboratories to produce systems focused on performance, reliability, and capability without compromise.